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195 499

These are what we call "Everyday Use" Face Masks.

Heading over to the grocery store?

Want to take a stroll through the park?

Running errands? 

Socially distancing with friends or family?

These masks are perfect for that and other "everyday" activities. They offer more protection than Disposable 3-PLY masks.

KN95 Everyday Use are the KN95 masks we have in stock that we do not have FDA and CE registrations for but they are still acceptable for everyday activities and civilian use. We only carry these for our customers who do not use KN95 masks in toxic environments and want to pay lower prices for their KN95s. 

They may be packaged individually or in packs of 5, 10 or 20. These masks come with layers of non-woven fabric. They contain breathable properties, are skin-friendly and soft. As disposable dust masks, they can be used in various settings and works against air pollutants, pollen, allergies, and dust particles. They all have an elastic band that loops around each ear to stay fit in place.  

  4 or 5 Layers
May Be In Packs of 5, 10, 20 or Individually Wrapped
  Competitive, More Affordable Prices
  Large Stock Available + Bulk Order Discounts
  Ships from Dallas, TX

  • Bulk orders?
Reach out to us as soon as possible for special bulk order pricing.
Please check for air tightness after wearing the mask. Check to ensure the mask is tightened securely to the face. Position the protective mask gently with both hands and be careful not to disturb the mask’s seal across the face.

To test for air-tightness, exhale sharply through the nose. If you feel an air leak from the nose piece, adjust the nose clip accordingly. If you feel an air leak from the edges of the mask, re-position the ear bands. Masks are disposable and not recommended to be washed.
  • These masks are not to be used as a replacement for gas masks or as a medical mask.
  • These mask cannot generate oxygen and should not be used in hypoxic environments.
  • Civilian use, not medical use.
  • Use the mask within 2-3 years of manufacture date. Masks should be stored in a dry and ventilated location 23ºF – 122ºF (-5ºC – 50ºC, humidity <80%).
  • We do not recommend washing these masks. They are disposable.
  • The masks will come without a box but still packaged inside the plastic bags that manufacturers originally shipped them in.
  • These specific masks do not have any FDA or CE certifications or registrations.
  • We do not ship with the box but the masks will be wrapped in plastic bags.
  • Although we believe these are KN95, we cannot guarantee the 95% filtration due to the inability to produce proper documentation.
  • The image of the masks you see on this product page might slightly vary from the actual masks you end up receiving. Such things as a pin inside or outside, elastic band types, etc. The actual product may vary due to updates in design, manufacturers, updates in comfort, etc.
  • Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.
    KN95 - Everyday Use*
    195 499

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    KN 95 masks
    Thank you for your review! Stay safe !
    Thank you for letting us know you´re satisfied with our masks! :)
    Fast service
    Thanks for the review, Addy! Stay safe. :)
    Good mask.
    Hi Annette! thank you for letting us know the masks are good for your husband! we are really glad to know this! Stay safe and have a good day!
    Thanks so much for your review! We are happy that you had a great experience with this order!
    Great product
    Thank you so much for choosing us! Stay Safe Kimberly!
    Fred! is nice to see you come back! Thank you so much! we are here to help so we will reach out to you by email very soon! Stay safe
    KN 95
    Thank you Mark! It is good to know our customers are satisfied with our masks :)

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